14" Mega Hook - Size 17



Mega Hooks for Knitting & Crochet

Mega Hooks are purpose made for both crochet and knitting; one tool does the work of two!

Designed and handcrafted from local Birch or Canadian Maple by fiber artists who actually use them, these hooks have evolved to make knitting with BIG knitting needles a whole lot easier.

Each needle has a hook carved at one end, which not only makes crochet with chunky art yarns as easy as eating pie, but adds a completely new dimension to your knitting experience. If you are planning to use them for Tunisian crochet, for a small charge, you can request a hook to be carved at both ends.

Finished with ultra fine sanding and several coats of pure Tung oil, to provide a natural wipe-clean finish, FAB’s Mega Hooks are not only a delight to handle and to work with, but the really big sizes are adorning walls around the world as works of art!

FAB’s unique range of Mega knitting hooks will set you up for almost any project. From 14 inches long to 48 inches and in sizes 17 to a massive size 67 (one and half inch diam.), these knitting hooks are perfect for both knitting and crochet.

Free Videos

Visit our dedicated video channels on Curious and YouTube to view our series of free tutorial videos on Mega Knitting and Mega Crochet and learn how the hooks make large scale knitting and crochet so much easier.

Needle Size

Available in four different lengths as standard: 14”   18”   22”  and 36” –  other lengths are available on special order.  (please contact us with your requirements)

Size 17 equates to approximately 1/2 inch or 12.5mm in diameter

Monetary Offers

All products in this store are offered in exchange for donations to The Llama Sanctuary. Fibre Arts Bootcamp is the fundraising arm of The Llama Sanctuary, a Self-Supporting, Humanitarian Foundation, located in the United States and Canada, dedicated to ministering to God’s creatures, with whom we share this planet. The Llama Sanctuary is dependent upon donations and suggests donation amounts when ordering products from this catalogue, all of which are designed and made ‘in house’. If you would like to add something extra to the suggested donation amount, may your generosity be rewarded a thousand-fold!


FAB Mega Hooks are shipped all over the world and we strive to find the lowest shipping rates for you.  If you require the hooks to be shipped to you in a hurry, please ask for a quote for express service.

IMPORTANT – Mega Hooks are Sold as Single Items

Mega Hooks are sold as single items, since they are frequently purchased purely for crochet.  If you require a pair of needles for knitting, please enter ‘2’ in the quantity field.  This also enables you to order two different length Mega Hooks if required.