Superwarm 100% Natural Thrummed Slippers


Hand Crafted Heaven

These are no ordinary slippers!  Hand-knitted by Lynne Milsom, using pure llama and alpaca fiber, entirely processed and spun at The Llama Sanctuary and every penny of your donation for these hard-wearing house boots goes directly to care for the rescued llamas and alpacas at The Sanctuary.

Awesomely Chunky Yarn

The yarn is superchunky and 100% natural and filled with love and dedication.  The soft thrumming of the inner sole is pure Merino sheep wool and so deep that putting your feet in these is like 'sinking into a bowl of warm custard,' as one appreciative wearer wrote.


It doesn't matter if you have never stood in a bowl of warm custard (don't mock it until you've tried it), whether you have a cold floor, suffer from cold feet or you just love dipping your feet into pure luxury, these super thick house slippers will give you a number of reasons to feel good:

  • They're kind to the planet - no synthetic or harmful materials
  • They're kind to your skin
  • You are helping the rescued llamas and alpacas at The Llama Sanctuary
  • No animals were harmed in the making of these slippers, even if one or two llamas were not overjoyed at the prospect of sharing their fiber, they feel better afterwards ...and we never take it from the sick or the elderly.

Sizing for Beginners

Forget about shoe sizes; let's get back to basics:

Take your shoes off, put your foot flat on the floor with your heel touching a wall.  Measure the distance between the wall and your longest toe.  That's how big your foot is.  Easy, eh?  (So why do they make shoe sizes so bloomin' complicated?)

Thrummed house boots/slippers come ready made for six basic foot sizes:

  • Little Paws (7" to 8" foot)
  • Tiger Paws (8" to 9" foot)
  • Sophisticated Missy (9" to 10" foot)
  • Average Joe (10" to 11" foot)
  • Molly Big Foot (11" to 12" foot)
  • Sasquatch (12" to quite scary)

Smaller sizes are quite impossible with this superchunky yarn.

Bigger sizes are certainly feasible, but...... oh, your poor mother!