About Us

Fibre Arts Bootcamp is the fundraising arm of The Llama Sanctuary, a humanitarian organization, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of camelids in need.  What began as a singular act of compassion in saving a llama who was destined to become pet food due to his 'unruly' behaviour, eventually expanded into a full scale llama and alpaca rescue facility.  Lynne Milsom and David Chapman, who are active in a number of trusts and socially oreiented enterprises, have become full-time managers of The Llama Sanctuary, based in the North Okanagan region of British Columbia.

TomBurke, that unruly llama, turned out to be a great teacher and a catalyst for life-changing events that lead to the creation of this website and the fibre arts, among many other things, to raise awareness and funds for animal rescue generally.

After years of running a clothing design and manufacturing business in England,  it was a yearning for a more natural lifestyle that brought them to Canada in 2003, and strangely enough, Lynne and her husband David Chapman, found themselves moving back into the world of textiles, through the promotion and use of natural fibers.

FABinBC takes a step further back in the process of clothing design and producing our own textiles is wonderful experience!

Fibre Arts Bootcamp offers educational opportunities, as well as designing a variety of fiber processing tools and natural fiber textile creations. 

Following seven years of self-discovery in a wild and remote area of northern British Columbia you will find FABinBC taking root in the mild, bountiful and more populated Okanagan region in southern BC.

We consider all transactions through FABinBC as donations, since every penny goes directly to The Llama Sanctuary, helping animals in need.  This is true social enterprise!   If you have any questions about the items presented on this website or any other aspects of llama rescue or the fiber arts, then contact us through our websites:

Fibre Arts Bootcamp  and The Llama Sanctuary