Entirely Dedicated to Helping Others

Odd as it may seem, Fibre Arts Bootcamp is entirely dedicated to helping others.  FAB is the fundraising arm of The Llama Sanctuary, a humanitarian foundation established to provide a loving and caring home for llamas and alpacas in need.

It's a sad fact, but so often when life goes awry, the animals that we bring into our lives are often the ones who receive the worst part of the deal.  Human anger and frustration is taken out on the poor creatures, they are frequently abandoned to fend for themselves and even more frequently, the keepers suddenly find themselves without the means or the health or even the breath to continue to care for their beloved friends.  That's where The Llama Sanctuary shines its light.

So when you spend a few dollars or Bitcoin with FAB for some item or service that has been created right here in The Sanctuary,  that's where every single sheckle is going.  Lynne and David have dedicated their lives to helping the animals and every 'purchase' from the Fibre Arts store is actually a donation that will be used to buy feed, to pay for health care, to maintain the equipment and fences and buildings and the countless other items required to keep a large-scale operation like The Llama Sanctuary flourishing.

Thank you and may the blessings of a thousand appreciative llamas rain down upon you for the love and support that you provide.