Build Your Own Fibre Picker - Downloadable Plans


FAB Fiber Picker Plans

All funds received go directly to help the rescued animals in The Llama Sanctuary

The long-awaited plans for the fabulous fiber picker are finally complete and ready for the do-it-yourselfers, who get a kick out of making their own equipment.  These downloadable plans are the result of a great deal of experimentation to create a highly flexible tool that cleans fibre by opening it up allowing vegetation to drop out and leaving it ready to card or comb.  Easily adjusted to cope with all different types and qualities of fleece.

Picking is not always necessary, but if you have a fleece that is full of vegetation that does not come out with washing or if the fleece clumps during the washing process, then picking is the perfect way to open it up and prepare it for carding or combing.  The vegetation that falls out of the fibre into the bottom of the picker is often startling!

The plans have been created using CAD (computer aided design) and include more than forty 3-dimensional images, showing you precisely how to build this machine yourself and get the most from it.  The detailed documentation, contains clear instructions for building the picker together with useful tips to ensure it serves you well.

The plans are available for immediate download and include additional photographs showing the picker in action.

The FAB Fiber Picker is the result of several years of design and experimentation.  We have built a range of picking machines, which are in daily use at Fibre Arts Bootcamp, for removing debris from the wool, for preparing fiber for combing or carding and for blending different types of fiber.

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