Super Chunky Chenille Yarn


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Measuring approximately three quarters of an inch diameter, this Chenille Mega Yarn is perfect for Mega knitting, Mega crochet, Hand knitting, Thumb knitting and even Arm knitting. This polyester Chenille has a very soft ‘handle’ and weighs in at just over 8 ounces for about twenty six yards. It is machine washable (cool wash recommended) and can happily bounce around in the tumble dryer without felting. I have to admit, those are some pretty significant advantages over the llama and alpaca fiber we usually work with.

This sturdy, but exquisitely soft yarn does not pill or pull apart and always remains plump and bouncy, ( that describing me??) even after being used as a seat cushion for a few hours, that doesn't sound like me after all. Once you wrap yourself up in a coating of this delicious yarn, you might want to hang up a notice 'Do Not Disturb until Spring or Happy Hour'.

We've put this yarn to the test with pet beds, baby mats and seat pads and they come out of the washing machine looking like new.

Watch our video tutorial series to learn how quickly you can create something amazing!

And if you happen to have a soft spot for animals, the proceeds from this store are all used to support The Llama Sanctuary. The Llama Sanctuary is dedicated to helping llamas and alpacas in need, usually amounting to between 30 and 40 animals in care at any given time.

What is Chenille?

Chenille is derived from the French word meaning caterpillar; a reference to the tufted appearance of the yarn. To set your mind at ease, this yarn is unable to move of its own accord and is unlikely to make holes in your house plants.